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At Terra Firma, we understand that an individual's needs are dynamic and may change day to day.

We've added symbols to each class description to let you know exactly what to expect and help you make the best choice for you. If you have any questions or would like to see another class offering, please let us know! 

All classes are followed by an optional 20 minutes of tea time — we welcome you to stay, chat and connect with each other.






women's yoga (restorative)

flow and restore Yoga

chair yoga

community yoga

prenatal series

Postpartum/new mama series

yoga for menopause

yoga for depression

yoga for anxiety

yoga for chronic stress

yoga for caregivers

Seated Meditation

Although relaxation is not the goal of meditation, it is often a result. Join us as we explore various meditation techniques incorporating mindfulness, guided imagery, breath work, body-point relaxation, and other tools into our practice. No meditation experience necessary! We're all learning together.

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Trauma Informed Gentle Movement

While all of our classes are taught through a trauma-informed lense, this class is designed specifically for survivors of trauma. Incorporating choice-based movement, this class includes no touch, no gendered anatomy language and is limited to 10 participants at a time. Come as you are, no experience necessary. Pre-registration required. 

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Women's Yoga (Flow)

Nourish your physical and mental health while in the company of supportive sisters. This gentle class moves through postures with slow fluidity. Accessible to most, no prior yoga experience necessary. 

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Women's Yoga (Restorative)

Nourish your physical and mental health while in the company of supportive sisters. This restorative class includes only a few postures, all seated or reclined, held for several minutes with the support of blankets, bolsters and blocks.  Accessible to most, no prior yoga experience necessary. 

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Flow and Restore Yoga

Open up to the possibility of self-care in this class that incorporates both movement and rest. Participants will have the opportunity to move through flowing, breath-centered yoga forms, then rest in fully-supported seated or reclining yoga postures with the added support of bolsters, blankets and blocks. Aromatherapy may be offered during the final resting period.

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Chair Yoga

Increase resilience with this somatic class taught through a trauma-sensitive lens. Accessible for most, this class is completed fully seated in a chair and incorporates breath-work and meditation in addition to yoga forms. 

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Community Yoga

Pay what you can in this weekly donation-based community class. Together we'll move through gently flowing yoga forms and end with some optional guided relaxation. If you'd like, you're welcome to stay for tea and meet other members of the Terra Firma community! 


Prenatal (Series)

Mamas-to-be are in the midst of one of the deepest growth experiences of their lives.  We want to help you rise to the challenge by nurturing you.  Join us for this gentle flow/restorative class designed to help strengthen your heart and your pelvic floor. We know that many of you come to pregnancy with a long list of fears, losses, and overwhelming excitement. In this safe space you are encouraged to gain a deeper awareness of your body, deeper connection with baby and with a small group of supportive mamas-to-be.  Registration required, limited spaces per series. 

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Postpartum/New mama (series)

On the other side of birth or adoption there is just as much change (if not more!) and uncertainty as before your new little one arrived. We welcome you to join us for a class designed to help heal physically and emotionally during the ups and downs of new mama-hood. This class is more casual than most as we welcome nursing and bottle-fed babies and all feelings of each mama. Registration required, limited spaces per series.  

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Yoga For Menopause (series)

Join us for a series designed to find balance as you shift into the wisdom years. Changes in the body are accompanied by changes in the heart and mind. In this class we'll support each other on our unique journeys of deepening self-awareness with grace and compassion. Registration required, limited spaces per series.

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Yoga for depression (series)

Feelings of depression manifest in the body in many ways. Join us for a series designed to give you tools to connect with and heal your unique mind-body experience that  you can use in or out of a yoga studio.  

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Yoga For anxiety (Series)

Feelings of anxiety are often felt strongly throughout the whole body. In this series we'll utilize specific yoga postures, breath and meditation to help diffuse anxious thoughts and feelings. Gain tools to use daily outside of the yoga studio.  

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Yoga for chronic stress (series)

The stresses of daily life can create unease in our bodies and a sense of general overwhelm. In this series we'll utilize specific yoga postures, including restorative forms, breath and meditation to help mitigate the effects of stress. Facilitator will explain possible tools to incorporate outside of the yoga studio.  

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Yoga for Caregivers (series)

We know how you feel. Your role as a caregiver is deeply fulfilling and equally exhausting. Whether you're caring for children, clients, patients, parents, or community members you deserve and need rest and rejuvenation. Join us for this 4-week series that incorporates gentle flow and restorative yoga postures, meditation and aromatherapy. 

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This class includes gendered anatomy language.

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This class includes some gentle touch, with permission.

This class will not include touch, nor physical adjustments.

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This class will include a 10 minute final resting period with silence.

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This class will include a brief (2-5 minute) final resting period without silence.


If cost is a current barrier for you, please reach out! We offer scholarships on a monthly basis, and aim to make our classes as accessible as possible. 


Terra Firma provides on site classes and workshops at your location!  Want to know more? Contact us here.


If you are health provider, wellness or treatment facility, check out our health information pageIf you want to speak with someone directly, send us an email.