Terra Firma provides an integrative service that supports healing through an emphasis on the mind-body connection, designed to complement traditional therapy methods for people experiencing: 

  • General anxiety and depression

  • PTSD & Complex Trauma

  • Perinatal mood disorders, infertility or pregnancy loss 

  • Chronic pain

  • Recovery from abuse, eating disorders or addiction 


Our Services


Terra Firma's intention is to hold space for you, when and where you need it.  We can come to you,  or accommodate a small group at our Golden Valley location.  



Direct Programming 

Trauma Informed Movement, Yoga & Meditation Session 


Yoga for Caregivers

Increase resilience with this safe and slow somatic class taught through a trauma-sensitive lens. Accessible for most, this class may combine gentle movement, breath-work, meditation and imagery, appropriate for the population. This class can be adjusted to be completed in chairs. Trauma Informed or Trauma Sensitive Yoga programming is ideal for: small private practice clinics, IDP, IOP, PHP and residential treatment. 

Help you and your team manage secondary/vicarious trauma, avoid burnout, and practice mental health care by offering a monthly lunch time yoga session designed for the unique needs of caregivers. 

Participants can expect: gentle yoga, restorative yoga,  and aromatherapy tailored to your team of caregivers. 


Interactive dialogue where participants will gain an understanding of: what yoga is (and is not), who can practice yoga, the benefits for physical health and studied benefits to mental health (especially trauma, depression, anxiety, and addiction recovery, how to access and use yoga. As well as concrete tools to take with them upon discharge.

“Yoga practice can restore neurological pathways in a region of the brain that processes emotion awareness, and decreases in size among female trauma survivors.”
— Georgetown Law’s Center on Poverty and Inequality

What the Research is Showing Us

The difference of
Trauma-Informed Yoga