St. Paul Location:

Wild Tree Wellness

Currently we're offering both individual and group yoga and movement sessions at Wild Tree Wellness (read more about their services and mission HERE).  Group sessions are held in 4 week series and pre-registration is required. You can book an individual session by clicking here.  


Yoga for Postpartum Depression & Anxiety

 For the mamas.  We know you need less judgement and more tools, less competition and more empathy.  We know that motherhood involves a range of emotion often occurring at the same time.  We know that there is simply not enough time to process pregnancy, birth and new parenthood or adding another person to your family with all that needs to be done.  We know that you might feel shame or embarrassment or maybe even numb. In this series we’ll offer you one small space for empathy, support and companionship around postpartum depression. We’ll create a space for reconnecting with your changing body, feelings and needs through gentle yoga movement designed to support hormonal and spiritual healing.


Intro to Women's Yoga

We realize there is some confusing messaging out there about who might be welcome in a yoga class. Perhaps you've wanted to try out yoga for relaxation or because you've heard it's good for your joints, but weren't sure you are "flexible" enough. Maybe you're interested in incorporating some mindful movement into your life, but don't know where to start, aren't interested in buying fancy yoga clothes, or are concerned that the pace will be too fast. In this four week series, we'll hold a supportive space free from competition and judgement for you to try out various styles of yoga, meditation & guided relaxation with other women.  No experience and no fancy clothing necessary. Come as you are, because you are enough. 


Yoga for Anxiety 

This four week series for women, taught with trauma-informed principles, will guide you through a gentle practice and offer tools designed to help manage the overwhelming feelings of anxiety. Opportunities for journaling and/or group discussion will be made available. You define what anxiety means for you, no prior experience with yoga necessary.  Accessible to most.